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Chairman’s column, NABO News, Issue 6, November 2012


We have all heard of the serious breach and stoppages at the northern end of the T&M in the last few weeks. CRT could have done without it at any time, but not in the first months of the new organisation. The local team are obviously pulling out all the stops to get it fixed and get boaters moving again. It is an awakening to the new opportunities for fundraising and it must be done; we should welcome the chance to ask new contributors who enjoy the system to give money, spreading the load; and give too if we are able and willing. We are all thinking why it happened and could it have been avoided, perhaps by the return to the policy of lengthsmen who would have that important local knowledge. As an engineer who has worked on old equipment, I am only too aware of the fine judgement between keeping things going at low cost and throwing in the towel for expensive replacements. We should support the maintenance engineers who have to make these judgements and the funding they need to make them more precise. I wonder if, with the current spell of weather swings, we are seeing circumstances not seen within recent experience. Our role as boaters is always to tell navigation authorities if we are concerned about something, and to keep doing so.