In the Chair

Beasts and Breaches

Well winter seems like it is really cross, it keeps storming out and then storming back in shouting “and another thing”. We have six inches of snow again, although we are not iced in this time. Last week was fun going for water, with frozen snow on top of ice. Our poor engine did not like it at all; she overheated twice. Who said boating life was boring?

We are still waiting to meet Jon Horsfall, the Interim Head of Boating; having had to cancel our meeting. However, there is a Council meeting on March 21st and I am hoping that there will be further clarity on the reorganisation. We can then rearrange the meeting and get quarterly meetings in the diary.

Licence Review: both the previous Head of Boating and Head of Customer Service have left the Trust and one wonders why, given that they were instrumental in organising the survey. The major changes are the removal of the 10% reduction for prompt payment, although they have introduced a 2.5% discount for all those who pay by Direct Debit, to help those boaters on limited incomes who maybe can only pay monthly - this is possibly a fairer outcome. Just as we were digesting that, the breach happened on the Middlewich Arm. This will cost thousands to repair and the contingency fund will probably be used.

Another item that has been introduced on a trial basis is a ‘reasonable adjustment’ form to complete when asking for changes to your cruising pattern. It has been designed to comply with the Equality Act 2010. I am now working with the Trust to ensure that it complies as, in its current form, it appears intrusive and does not explain the need for some of the questions. The draft form is available at If you have any comments, please email me and I can compile them for the Trust.

With the breach at Stanthorne closing the Middlewich Arm and the Marple Flight now being out of action until the May Bank Holiday at the earliest, Bosley Flight is passable with care and by liaising with the contractors on site. But the capacity to cruise the northern canals is severely limited. So take care over Easter; if you are cruising enjoy yourselves and hopefully the weather will be a bit better.

Happy Boating


Stella Ridgway

Can you hear us?

Stella Ridgway is looking forward to meaningful discussions with CRT, rather than just being fed information.

CRT was in its infancy when we moved onto our boat. You may remember Richard Parry held road-shows and regular meetings with boating organisations, and seemed to genuinely want to listen to boater’s views. Admittedly, he was taking over an organisation that had deliberately not spent its budget, and had a policy of closing canals rather than maintaining them. The challenge was to bring boaters along with the new organisation.

If only the trust would listen

Stella Ridgeway responds to the letter to boaters from Richard Parry

Why is it boaters feel so disenfranchised by CRT? Why is it that CRT staff, who are paid to enrol people on the towpath as Friends, now don’t bother to approach boaters? The constant PR push over the last couple of years celebrates initiatives that rarely involve boats. Instead, walkers, cyclists, anglers and canoeists are targeted and welcomed in increasing numbers - come in, it’s a free resource. The latest rebranding only cost £60k, honestly! New expensive signs have sprung up, seemingly overnight, alongside the canals and are directed at those who already know where the canal is – not the 7 million who supposedly don’t.  Millions spent on new cycle routes, walkways, canoe routes ‒ yes it’s grant funded, but where are the grants to repair the listed locks and bridges?

Stella Ridgway gets ready for winter

As another year ends and Christmas approaches, the summer boaters are busy winterising their boats, liveaboards are eyeing places to get free wood and ensuring that they have organised a coal delivery from their local coal-boat. We are lucky to have fortnightly coal-boat runs; please support your coal-boats – they are the lifeblood of the canals in winter.

The winter mooring season has begun and those who don’t have a home mooring can take advantage of these, although I have to say I haven’t noticed a big uptake in our area. Where they do seem popular, I notice they are priced accordingly.

My treatment has prevented me from travelling too much and I must arrange things around it. We are still trying to get a haemodialysis machine on our boat; we seem to be caught up in the inevitable red tape that surrounds such things, but we are still hoping to get there.

Getting to know you

Stella Ridgway is concerned about the disconnect between boaters and local communities.

In the July issue, I expressed a desire that the sun we had in June would be extended, but we have had one of the worst Augusts on record for cloud, rain and cold weather. We have had our stove lit and we are still awaiting the chance of an Indian summer up here. I have been envious of those able to travel, as there seems to have been plenty of sunshine elsewhere. It’s been so bad that we have had to run the engine instead of using our solar panel to charge the batteries sufficiently.