The Port of London Authority has undertaken a major review of its policies and procedures for issuing and renewing River Works Licences for Residential Moorings and is now undertaking a Public Consultation on the findings to date and its proposals for the future. The consultation opened on 13th September 2011 and closes on Friday 18 November.

A report on the review and many extensive background documents are available from the PLA website at

The exercise  has been undertaken with a great attention to details and the main aim seems to be to try to find a consistent approach to setting charges for River Works licences, the apparent absence of which in the past has been a source of extreme dissatisfaction from some boaters and moorings operators.

To date most NABO members effected by this issue have either been in touch direct with the PLA or through other representative organisations, in particular through the Barge Association and the Residential Boat Owners Association and local associations and individual residents groups. The PLA has also run a series of steering group meetings over the last year and boaters reps have been closely involved in the preparation of the review. Details of those meetings are posted from the PLA's consultation page listed above.

If any members want to make additional representations through NABO please let us know as soon as possible and ideally by 01 November 2001 by contacting Simon Robbins or another Council Member.