NABO has now responded to the consultation by Canal and River Trust on private boat licence terms and conditions.

The consultation closes on 20 December. If you have not done so please complete your personal return. Details are in the last boaters update, or on this link.

You can read the main NABO response here.

During the consulation review, NABO identified issues of privacy laws compliance and readability. We have also provided our comments to the Trust on separate documents.

You can read the comments on privacy here.

You can read the comments on ease of reading here.

NABO has written to the MPs who are members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Waterways about the licence terms and conditions.

We have also sent out a press release to Towpath Talk, Waterways World, Canal Boat and Narrow Boat World. The latter have just published a pro NABO comment encoring readers to invest £25 in joining - well done our new publicity officer Anne 


The text of our letter reads


Canal and River Trust seeking powers beyond those granted in the 1995 Act


The Canal and River Trust (CRT) is seeking to revise its licence terms and conditions further through a consultation process with private boat licence holders. The National Association of Boat Owners (NABO) believes that there is one proposal of sufficient concern that it should be brought to your attention. Namely, CRT is seeking to exceed the powers granted to it by Parliament in the British Waterways Act 1995.

This is one of those NABO moments when our long-term knowledge, experience and memory pay back. Like no other inland boating organisation, we just love the small print and legalities. We do this so that boaters are represented with a balanced and informed view. We do not do this to find loops holes in the law or the terms; neither do we do it to support those with no respect for the law. We do this in the face of BW’s and now CRT’s intransigent and in our view illegal approach to our licence contract.

Our strength comes from our membership. Our influence comes from the long term work we do with CRT and other navigation authorities to build the relationships. That does not mean we agree with them on all things. There comes a time when we have use that strength and influence. This is now. You can be part of this by joining. The links are on the web page. You can help by joining now.

The consultation on the proposed imposition of white diesel for propulsion on waterways closes on the 1st October.

NABO has now responded and the document is here.

Needless to say we have objected to everything they propose, which we see as flawed at every turn. It is the same message we have been giving for 15 years.

If you havn't put in your own response, plesed do so now. And please don't cut and paste our words, use your own and your own spelling mistakes!

The consulation is here.


Mike Rodd responds to DEFRA for NABO.

‘Having studied the submission prepared by the Inland Waterways Association, NABO supports its objections to the proposed order as follows:

  • Land is required within the decommissioned bypass channel for the future construction of a lock to mitigate the impact of the tidal barrier;
  • Navigation over its lifetime has not been safeguarded;
  • Insufficient minimum headroom for navigation is permitted under both the vertical lift gates and the foot- and cycle-bridge;
  • Detailed design information for the penstocks to be included within the tidal barrier has not been specified;
  • Insufficient minimum headroom for navigation purposes has been provided for the temporary bridge across the bypass channel, required while the tidal barrier is being constructed.’