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Trouble with login?

If you are having trouble logging in this is often a local issue with your PC.

The common symptoms are that you enter your details, but frustratingly the page comes back to a blank login page again, and again. You are probalby logged in, but cannot go further. 

Try this fix

1. Close your browser, which will log you out.

2. Open the browser again and go to history and clear (at least) cookie history.

3. Type into the browers navigation window and hit enter

4. go to login page again and try again.

If this doesnt work, send us an email and we will try and work it out further


Making PayPal payments to NABO

The way of paying by PayPal has changed in July 2015.

Members no longer need to sign in to make payments, but can do so by going to this link.

Here anyone can make a payments for an annual subscription, top up payment or donation. It is very important that the identity of the individual or member making the payment is clear. It is expected that members will add their membership number as a reference. New members will not know their number and should provide unique identity such as name and email address or post code. This is particularly important if the bank account or PayPal account used is in a different name from the applicant.

Payments made without specific identity will be treated as donations. If in doubt please ask.