Sunday, February 25, 2018

EA and others

EA publishes summary of consultation responses to proposed Navigation charges 2018/19

We’d firstly like to thank those who responded to our recent consultation on our proposed charge increase for 2018/19. We had a reasonable number of responses from a good cross section of representatives from the four stakeholder groups.

Many of you gave very detailed and considered responses which we very much value.  We have now reviewed them thoroughly and taken them into account when making our decision on the charges for 2018/19.

EA’s National Navigation Users Forum (NNUF) meeting: 26th July 2017.

Mike Rodd represented NABO at this biannual meeting which was, as usual, well attended by most of the boating organisations which cover the EA navigations. As usual, the preparatory work was exemplary and the meeting was very well chaired by EA Board member Peter Ainsworth, with his focus of making sure all delegates have every opportunity to express their views.

NINF AGM and meeting, February 2017

The National Inland Navigation Forum, NINF, met at the St Pancras Cruising Club on Saturday 25th February 2017. 8 of it 11 member bodies were represented, together with the General Secretary, Michael Stimpson. This Forum continues to be a useful meeting point  bringing together navigational bodies involved in CRT, EA and other waterways – especially important at this time given the possible convergent of EA and CRT!