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CEO to attend NABO AGM

NABO is delighted to announce that Richard Parry, CRT's CEO has agreed to attend the AGM on Saturday 16th November 2013 at Wolverhampton Boat Club, Pendeford Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 0PG. The AGM starts at 10.45, with tea and coffee available from 10.15.

Further details are available below.

NABO mail system is back up and running

The system is up and running again

If you sent a mail to a NABO address and it bounced, please try again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Consult (verb) NABO News editor considers consultation

This is the Editorial from the April NABO News

In  the April issue (of NABO News) CRT features promi­nently, not always for the right reasons: it seems to be increas­ingly confused between what consti­tutes consultation with its ‘custom­ers’—boaters like you and me—and what is a simple reporting of devel­opments. Many, if not most, boaters are still unaware of the detail of what CRT is about and what its policies are, so I welcome the boaters’ meet­ings that are taking place all over the country by Head of Boating, Sally Ash, and Trustee, John Dodwell.

NABO updates policy document

NABO Council has recently reviewed the NABO policy document, to bring it up to date and relevant for the current boater issues. For long term members there will be no surprises, as the content reflects what NABO has  been saying for many years. For those new to NABO, or thinking about joining, it tells a little of what the Assocition stands for. NABO welcomes healthy debate on these issues.

Update of NABO policies

NABO Policies
NABO Council develops policies from time to time and these form the basis of our consultation with
navigation authorities and other user groups. These are reviewed in consultation with the membership
and are therefore the nearest we can get to a consensus of opinion within our Association.