Thursday, September 21, 2017




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Current issues for NABO Council

* Taking legal advice on recommendations to members following CRT's rejection of some of NABO's objections to recently introduced private boater's licence Terms and conditions.
* Challenging EA on proposals relating to safety issues on the Thames and monitoring other cost saving issues
* Close monitoring of changes and consequences of new  continuous cruising requirements.
* Participation in changes to Boat Safety Scheme requirements for hire boats with special concern if any of  these are extended to private boats.
* Monitoring of the operation of the boating ombudsman scheme.
* Given the outstanding success of NABO's social media presence, review membership offerings to include electronic-only opportunity.
* Development of policy towards possible CRT takeover of EA navigational responsibilities.
* Ensuring close collaboration with other similarly-minded National bodies including RBOA, CBOA, RCTA.



Guidance Papers and other NABO publications

Guidance Papers

The first NABO Guidance Paper was in effect Safe Navigation on Rivers, which was sent to members as hard copy.

Eleven more are now available as downloads. Those marked with a * are available in the Reference Section for general circulation. The remainder are for NABO members only.